Cluster II RAPID 

Test data history

Cluster I/Phoenix units
Cluster I/ Phoenix tests
F1 unit
December/97-January/98 F1 Los Alamos tests
16/April/98 F1 integration tests at Lindau
4/May/98 F1 further integration tests
25/August/98 F1 thermal recertification tests
10/December/98 F1 IST
F6 unit
4/September/98 F6 initial inspection tests at Lindau 
October/98 F6 Los Alamos tests
29/October/98 F6 inspection tests at Lindau 
November/98 F6 environmental tests 
8/December/98 F6 test with radioactive source
10/March/99 F6 IST
26/March/99 F6 IST re-test
20/July/99 F6 Thermal Vac
F7 unit
December/98 F7 Los Alamos tests
January/99 Goddard calibration of F7 unit
31/March/99 F7 tests
7/April/99 F7 tests
16/August/99 F7 IST
28/September/99 F7 SVT 
8/December/99 F7 Thermal Vac
F8 unit
February/99 F8 Los Alamos tests
March/99 Goddard calibration of F8 unit
5/August/99 F8 test with radioactive source
6/October/99 F8 Goddard end-to-end beamtest 
21/October/99 F8 IST
26/January/00 F8 Thermal Vac
F9 unit
April/99 F9 Los Alamos tests
8/November/99 F9 Goddard calibration

Contact at RAL is Dr Martin Carter.  Last updated 2/2/01.