A demonstration of planetary X-ray detection for SMART-1 



1 Jan 2005

  Smart -1 is safely in Lunar orbit.
D-CIXS is working perfectly, and will start taking Lunar data at the beginning of Feb 2005.
29 Sept 2003   DCIXS has been turned on and checked out perfectly
27 Sept 2003   Smart -1 Launched successfully. See the SMART-1 launch page


  • D-CIXS is a Demonstration of a Compact Imaging X-ray Spectrometer selected as part of the payload for SMART-1, an ESA technology demonstration mission to the Moon, due for launch on Aug 28 2003.
  • Prof. Manuel Grande is the Principal Investigator of D-CIXS, in the Planets and Space Plasma Group at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.
  • D-CIXS employs radical new technology to greatly reduce the mass and volume of the instrument. It will represent a new generation of x-ray instruments for planetary observation.
  • The main science goal of the instrument is to produce the first global map of the surface of the Moon in X-rays.
  • Also onboard will be an X-ray Solar Monitor (XSM), capable of monitoring the output of the Sun so that absolute abundance measurements can be derived from the D-CIXS data.
  • D-CIXS is also a demonstration of an instrument that would be ideal for the BepiColombo cornerstone mission to Mercury.
  • A list of principal contacts for D-CIXS/XSM can be found here.
  • D-CIXS specific documents can be found here.

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The UK led team includes members from:  

  • Rutherford Appleton Lab, UK
  • University of Helsinki, Finland
  • University of Sheffield, UK
  • Queen Mary and Westfield College, UK
  • Natural History Museum, London, UK
  • Max Planck Institut fur Aeronomie, Lindau, Germany
  • Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF), Kiruna, Sweden
  • Lab for Atmospheric and Space Physics, Boulder, USA
  • Armagh Observatory, UK
  • CESR, France
  • OMP, France
  • ISAS, Japan
  • UPC, Spain
  • Metorex, Finland

Team List and Email Contact


For information on Planets and Magnetospheres at RAL, contact Prof. Manuel Grande
E-mail:M.Grande@rl.ac.uk, or Phone us at +44 1235 446501 or FAX your request to +44 1235 445848.

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